Radio Design Announces 5-Year Sponsorship of RF Signal Processing Research Chair in Partnership with Leeds University and The Royal Academy of Engineering

The Royal Academy of Engineering, Radio Design Ltd and the University of Leeds, UK, have announced the establishment of a new Research Chair focussed on original research in the field of microwave signal processing. Professor Ian Hunter of the School of Electronic and Electrical Engineering has been appointed to this position and will head up a Centre of Microwave Signal Processing at Leeds University.

Driven by the demand for increased data capacity, mobile communications systems operate at an ever increasing number of frequencies and must support many different, rapidly evolving, air interface standards. The programme of research will focus on new microwave signal processing technology to overcome the challenges facing radio frequency system designers in the field of wireless communication infrastructure.

Professor Hunter has held senior positions in both academia and industry and he was the General Chair of European Microwave Week when it was held in Manchester in 2011. He is an international authority in the field of microwave engineering and his work has been widely applied in the mobile communications, satellite communications and defence industries.