Radio Design India gives support to life-saving water movement

Radio Design India are delighted to announce that they have recently worked with the Naviyoti India Foundation to organise an interactive discussion on ‘Water Quality: Safe Water Saves Lives’. Covering a range of topics on the provision of clean water and water conservation, Mr Gaurav Chauhan, the MD of Radio Design India, contributed by providing information on the importance of water quality as a movement.

In addition, Radio Design India have also worked with 24 women from self-help groups in 70 villages near Gurgaon, northern India, to provide them with training on business development as part of the Safe Water Saves Lives scheme. The ‘Waterpreneurs’ have been working hard to advocate the importance of clean, safe drinking water in villages promoting household water treatment technology to local residents. Using innovate systems such as bio-sand filters, the Waterpreneurs are hoping that by highlighting the importance of clean water and water conservation, local people will see the life saving benefits of clean water.

Safe Water Saves Lives is already proving hugely beneficial in highlighting how relatively simple steps can transform the quality of water, improving lives and helping local communities in India to thrive. We’re incredibly proud to have been given the opportunity to be involved in such an important scheme and are very much looking forward to working with the Naviyoti India Foundation in the future.