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Radio Design’s System Design engineers work with operators globally and have experienced a huge range of deployment scenarios and challenges. Spectrum availability and the ever-growing range of equipment options lead to increased site design complexity.

Today’s sites have to support an increasing number of frequency bands, MIMO antenna technology, multiple air interface standards and in some cases, multiple operators. Our engineers can offer expertise that will help to ensure that sites are designed efficiently whilst maximising performance.


Given the significantly increased complexity of today’s sites the opportunity for problems and errors during the build and rigging process is higher than ever. Our engineers have in depth understanding of the key components being installed and the test equipment required to verify their performance. Utilising our RF expertise can ensure that sites are built and commissioned “right first time” – thus reducing overall build time and minimising the necessity for multiple sites visits to resolved issues.

In addition to on-site support and supervision we can also offer remote support via phone and video link when possible.


When problems arise, it can be difficult to pin point the source of the issue. Radio Design’s engineers have a wealth of experience and specialist knowledge that can assist with fault diagnosis and resolution. Identifying the precise source of the problem can save significant time and cost and frequently avoid needless returns of functional components.

In addition to on-site support Radio Design has an in-house Hardware Repair Services (HRS) team who can repair a broad range of equipment which may provide a cost-effective solution when replacement components are unavailable or out of warranty.
Our HRS capability covers the vast majority of components found on a typical cell site including:


Spectrum is an expensive resource that must be efficiently utilised to ensure maximum return on investment. Radio Design’s extensive RF expertise enables us to provide a range of spectrum planning services including:

Scenario analysis to support acquisition strategy

Planning and analysis to ensure effective deployment and optimal use

Spectrum planning to minimise interference

Inter-operator spectrum sharing analysis


Intermodulation distortion (IMD) and interference can significantly reduce network performance.

Radio Design’s custom IMD analysis tool allows detailed scenario modelling which can be used to analyse problems in the field or assist with spectrum planning to ensure interference is minimised. When planning new sites, or site upgrades, this tool can provide invaluable insight to support optimal site design and deployment strategy.

In addition to IMD, interference can be generated from a broad range of sources. Our engineers are experienced at identifying and classifying in-field interference and can make recommendations on mitigation strategies.


The Antenna Interface Standards Group (AISG) creates and maintains standards for the control and monitoring interface between a base station and a variety of tower-top equipment. These include antennas with remote electrical tilt (RET), tower mounted amplifiers and a variety of sensors that are used to monitor the operation of tower-top equipment.

The standards include alternative PHY layers, an RS-485 bus and an OOK system using an MF radio-frequency signal transmitted within the coaxial cables joining antennas, amplifiers and base stations.
Radio Design’s engineers have developed industry leading products and features based on this standard providing a unique insight into optimal deployment strategies and problem solving.

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